How do you handle after hours emergencies?

We have a 24/7 Emergency Line available to our tenants in case of an emergency such as no heat, water leak, etc. (403) 509-0040

I've changed my mind, how can I cancel my application and stop notifications?

If your application has not been approved yet, you can cancel it and stop notifications by emailing admin@powerproperties.net.

Do I need Tenant Insurance?

Yes, Power Properties requires all tenants to provide proof of tenant insurance before you can move into a property. Tenants may use their own insurer. However, if you are unsure, Power Properties can assist you in setting up Intact Tenant Insurance through one of our representatives. If you are interested, please ask a staff member for a quote. 

How are rent payments set up?

Once your application is approved, an administrative assistant will walk you through the necessary paperwork. Including an auto-withdrawal form for rent payments. 

How much is the application deposit and what will it be used for?

An application deposit equivalent to one month of rent must be submitted with your application. Please ask our Leasing Coordinator or Leasing Agents for more information on how to submit it. Upon approval of your application and confirmation with you, your application deposit will be applied to your first month of rent. 

If your application is declined or the property gets rented to another applicant, the deposit will be returned to you immediately. 

How do I follow up on the status of my application?

You can follow up on the status of your application by emailing admin@powerproperties.net.

How long will it take to process my application?

Once an application is submitted with an application deposit it normally takes 1-2 business days to process the application. However, if our staff has trouble contacting your references, it may delay the process. It is best practice to advise your references that we will be contacting them. 

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